• READING CHALLENGE 2022 begins in January!


    You are eligible to win one of these GRAND PRIZES if you complete the challenge by March 1, 2022 

    Keep scrolling for more information!


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    Prize Poster

    Prize Poster

  • What is the Reading Challenge?

    1000 Minutes    -or-   30 Picture Books  

    Each school will start sometime in January 2022.

    You have until March 1, 2022 to finish the challenge!



    This is completely optional.

    First, check with your teacher/library to see if your school is doing something different.

    This is not about your reading level, grading or taking a test.

    It is only about setting a reading goal and reading more.


    Why should I do this?

    We just want you to read more!

    So why not EARN PRIZES along the way?

    Setting reading goals is step #1 in becoming a life-long reader & learner.

    One of the best ways to do that is to plan on reading!

    What are you curious about? What do you like?

    Start with those books.


    What do I read?

    Start in your school library. Ask your Library Assistant for help finding a great book.

    Also, go get a library card from the Plainview Public Library. They have a TON of books!

    Finally, get on SORA for eBooks & audiobooks! Click here for "how to" video.


    How will I track what I read?

    FIRST, ASK YOUR TEACHER if there is already a plan for your class.

    If there is not, choose 1 of the options below for your grade level.

    No printer? No problem! Get the forms from your school library.



    Print from links below, or get them in your school library. 

    30 pictures books                   1000 minutes (clocks)            1000 minutes (bulldog) 



    Click one of the links below to save it to your Google Drive/Classroom 

    30 picture books                     1000 minutes 




    What do you think? Challenge Accepted?

    You have until March 1, 2022 to complete the challenge.

    Prizes may be specific by school.


  • Sora


    Track your reading with only ONE TEACHER. Do only one challenge.

    If your teacher isn't doing this, talk to your Library Assistant.


    Get your READING CHALLENGE FORM in your school library.


    Are you HALFWAY DONE or FINISHED? Tell your Teacher and Library Assistant! You'll get a "halfway there" prize. Then you might win other awesome prizes, or even a GRAND PRIZE.


    GRAND PRIZES to be announced soon!