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  • Memorandum of Understanding
    Early College High School Partnership Agreement
    Plainview Collegiate High School (Plainview Independent School District) and Wayland Baptist University 2020 -2023


    According to their June 2016 posting, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) "defines dual credit as a process by which a high school student enrolls in a college course and receives simultaneous academic credit for the course from both the college and the high school." Wayland Baptist University (WBU), a regionally accredited institution of higher education in Hale County in the State of Texas, and Plainview Collegiate High School (PCHS), a public high school in Hale County, the State of Texas,_agree to enter into a partnership to offer dual credit and concurrent courses to eligible students, which will allow them to earn college credits while simultaneously granting credit toward their high school graduation requirements. Both the University and the School District agree that all course policies and practices are under the jurisdiction of the University with prior consultation and agreement of the School District. In consideration of this partnership agreement, the parties agree to the following: 

    1. Student Eligibility Requirements

    PCHS and WBU will establish a set of eligibility expectations for students seeking the two-year degree. Students in their freshman year will be TSI College Ready on the Reading and Writing prior to their fall enrollment in dual-credit or concurrent classes. Furthermore, PCHS students must score a composite score of 18, reading score of 18, and math score of 18 on the ACT National or Residual test by their fall core course dual-credit enrollment of their junior year. Students who do not meet the above standards will be expected to participate in a summer bridge or other classes outside the regular class day with the intent to be TSI ready by fall of their freshmen year and to score the minimum required ACT National or Residual test score for dual-credit enrollment the fall of their junior year. The selection process will include an information meeting with the student and parent(s) to explain the expectations required for success. Students must be recommended by the Plainview Collegiate High School principal or his/her designee (e.g., PCHS counselor) for participation in the early college high school program, complete application to WBU, become TSI College Ready utilizing the current rules and process established by the THECB, and meet WBU minimum ACT National or Residual test scores by fall of the junior year. Students still must meet any course pre­requisites prior to enrolling in classes. 

    2. Faculty Qualifications 

    All individuals teaching dual credit courses must meet the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) requirements for college faculty. The Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) in conjunction with the School Dean will arrange for (hire) personnel to teach dual-credit courses on the WBU­ Plainview campus or at PHS, to include full-time professors, adjunct instructors or qualified public school teachers. All dual-credit instructors must have a master's degree with a minimum of eighteen graduate credit hours in the teaching discipline. The VPAA and School Dean responsible for the course must approve the instructor prior to start of course. The school district, at the discretion of the principal and other school district personnel, reserve the right to deny adjunct employment.

    Qualified public school teachers who teach dual credit courses will be considered adjunct instructors and must follow all departmental policies to teach dual credit courses, including but not limited to: submitting employment applications and official transcripts, interviewing with the School Dean (at the dean's discretion), attending course trainings, and being subject to regular evaluations.

    Adjunct instructors are required to adhere to University and Academic School policies regarding grading, institutional syllabi, textbooks, assignments, and curriculum. All course materials and teaching methodologies must be approved by the appropriate School Dean. Adjunct instructors are also required to comply with the University's FERPA requirements and policies regarding the disclosure of student information. Adjunct instructors may be required to meet with other faculty and school deans at least once per academic year as a group for faculty development activities.

    Adjunct instructors who are dual-credit instructors are required to meet all deadlines for requests of information, including but not limited to current contact information, college transcripts, course syllabi, census-date/attendance information, and mid-term and final grades. They will also provide instruction consistent with departmental objectives and expectations. They are also expected to meet all institutional policies and deadlines for certification of class rolls and final grade submissions. Failure to meet institutional requirements may result in termination of adjunct position.

    3. Location, Size, and Student Composition of Classes 

    Courses may be conducted at the university, in an online format via the internet, or at the high school. When the course is offered at the University, the University will provide facilities and equipment as needed (a classroom with desks and a place for telecommunications equipment). When the course is offered at the High School, the High School will provide facilities and equipment, as needed. Courses may be conducted at the university, in an online format via the internet, or at the high school. When the course is offered at the University, the University will provide facilities and equipment as needed (a classroom with desks and a place for telecommunications equipment). When the course is offered at the High School, the High School will provide facilities and equipment, as needed. 

    4. Student Services 

    To ensure student success, WBU will provide dual credit students with the same access to academic advising, counseling, computer services, library services, and resources that it provides to other college students.  

    Students who anticipate a need for special accommodations must contact the Counseling, Career, and Disability Services Office {https://www.wbu_.edu/student­Hfe/student-services/disability-services.htm) on the WBU-Plainview Campus and submit required documentation. Adequate notice to make arrangements for necessary accommodations is required.

    PCHS personnel will assist WBU personnel with advising, registration and enrollment support services. The University will provide annual updates to Plainview Collegiate High School counselor. 

    The PCHS counselor will lead academic advising which specifically aligns students' high school endorsement planning with the ECHS course sequence. This advising will specifically focus on the transferability of college credits offered and earned in the context of both associate degrees and baccalaureate degrees. 

    5. Provision of Courses and Transcripting of Credits 

    WBU will award credit for courses taken as dual credit courses with primary emphasis on the core curriculum requirements for all degrees which includes a total of 42 semester credit hours ("SCHs"). WBU will make additional 1000- and 2000-level courses available in coordination with PCHS leadership to ensure that students will have the opportunity to complete at least 60 SCHs. These courses shall be selected based on their likelihood to fulfill additional components of associate and/or baccalaureate degree plans. Appropriate university or college credit will be transcripted immediately upon a student's successful completion of the course at term's end. 

    6. Eligible Courses 

    Only those 1000- and 2000- college-level academic courses identified in the Wayland Baptist University catalog, approved by Academic Council at the University, and listed in the most recent edition of the Academic Catalog will be offered for dual credit.  

    7. Grading Criteria 

    Grading criteria will be devised to allow faculty and adjunct instructors to award both high school and college credit depending upon student performance. 

    Within the established Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ("FERPA") framework, WBU will keep personnel at the PCHS abreast of dual credit students in jeopardy of failing a class by providing midterm grades, and will also provide numerical grades for the purpose of calculating district GPA's. Semester grades and grading policies are outlined in each dual credit instructor's course syllabi. PCHS personnel are responsible for advising PCHS dual credit students concerning academic progress in the course's high school component.

    Dual credit courses will consist solely of the college level coursework and the minimum amount of supplementary content necessary for satisfying TEKS requirements for the on-level high school courses. In practice, this will result in the following: 

    1. Dual credit courses will not be aligned with International Baccalaureate or Advanced Placement high school courses.
    2. When necessary, PISD will make exceptions to the district policies regarding minimum numbers of assignments, and PCHS dual credit courses will be designated as honors (advanced) courses for the purposes of University Interscholastic League eligibility determination.
    3. All high school courses paired with dual credit selections will be weighted for the purpose of calculating students' high school grade point averages. When necessary, new, weighted high school courses will be developed.

    The Plainview Collegiate High School will follow PISD policy as to the weighting system for the purpose of determining a student's final high school grade point average. https://pol.tasb.org/Policy/Download/558?filename=EIC(LOCAL).html&title=ACADEMIC%20ACHIEVEMENT&subtitle=CLASS%20RANKING

    Plainview Collegiate High School dual credit students are subject to all WBU policies regarding academic standing (https://www.wbu.edu/admissions/financial-aid/sap.htm), grade replacement (https ://www.wbu.edu/student-life/student-services/student handbook.htm), and calculating grade point averages.

    High school students are considered college students if they are enrolled in a college course. University personnel only report mid-term and final grades and do not provide "fail" notices to districts for UIL purposes. Numeric grades will be furnished to the high school for those students who have signed a waiver of release of information. 

    Administration of Statewide Instruments and College Assessments 

    PCHS shall comply with State Board of Education rules regarding administration of the assessment instruments as required by the Texas Education Code, Chapter 39, Subchapter B. In addition, PCHS must administer Texas Success Initiative Assessments (TSIA) to all incoming 9th graders to assess college readiness and to enable students to begin college courses based on their performance as soon as students are able and willing. 

    8. Fees and Funding Provisions 

    PISD shall pay for any tuition, fees, or cost of textbooks not waived by WBU. WBU shall invoice PISD each semester for services provided, as agreed upon. 

    WBU will bill regular tuition and fees to student financial accounts and will process appropriate dual-credit exemptions for such tuition and fees resulting in state funding eligibility for dual credit courses at Plainview Collegiate High School that will result in a student financial obligation of $0 for WBU tuition and fees. 

    Enrollment will be based on WBU's 12th class day report in the long semester. For exemptions and funding to apply, students must be registered no later than this date.

    Instructor and fee costs will be reviewed annually and may be adjusted upon mutual written agreement of the parties. Additionally, fees may be increased if WBU and PISD agree in writing to add fees in exchange for the delivery of additional services or access to additional facilities. Any such adjustments will be deliberated with PISD during the spring semester prior to the academic year of implementation to align with the district's budget process. 

    The PCHS shall generate Average Daily Attendance (ADA) funds from the attendance of students which will be used to provide funding for the operations and expenditures of the high school as authorized in the Texas Education Code. 

    9. Books and Other Instructional Material 

    WBU instructors will be responsible for identifying required textbooks, supplemental materials, online homework system licenses, and digital content licenses in course syllabi at least 45 days prior to the first day of WBU classes. If the instructor is paid by PISD, PCHS campus administration must be consulted on any new textbook or other instructional resource expenditures. 

    PISD will be responsible for purchasing all required textbooks, supplemental materials, online homework system licenses, and digital content licenses. Compliant with Texas H.B. 3650, WBU and PISD will consider the use of "free or low cost open educational resources" for all courses offered. PISD will ensure these materials are provided to Plainview Collegiate High School students prior to the first day of WBU classes. 

    WBU academic departments are strongly encouraged to ensure that textbooks and supplemental materials purchased by PISD are used for a minimum of 4 years from the date of purchase. Additionally, the IHE Liaison shall collaborate with the WBU library to support WBU academic departments in the identification and development of open access educational resources in the Early College High School courses. 

    10. Administrative and Procedural 

    Students are required to comply with the registration, attendance, and academic policies and the code of conduct contained in the current Wayland Baptist University Student Handbook, and with specific school or departmental policies. Students are responsible for obtaining and adhering to a university academic calendar which wiH include starting/ending dates, exam schedules, add/drop dates, etc. In instances where the School District's Spring Break does not coincide with the University's, dual credit students are required to comply with the WBU calendar. Dual credit students attending classes held on the WBU-Plainview campus are required to comply with the University calendar. Unless permission has been obtained from WBU, the University's final examination schedule will be observed, and dual credit students will be required to take their final examinations as scheduled. 

    WBU Academic Calendar: http://catalog.wbu.edu/

    PISD Instructional Calendar: PISD Instructional Calendar


    All Plainview Collegiate High School students will follow state mandated compulsory attendance requirements (https://www.plainviewisd.org/cms/lib3/TX50000194/Centricity/Domain/57 /FEA %20R E G ULATION%20110217.pdf). WBU dual credit faculty members are expected to follow the attendance policies specified by their departments and/or schools. These policies must be published in all of WBU's PCHS dual credit syllabi. 

    Students absent from WBU classes due to UIL events, extracurricular events, or school related high school activities abide by the same policies as all other WBU students in giving prior notice to the professor and submitting or completing assignments before the absence. 


    Plainview Collegiate High School students are required to adhere to both the WBU and the PISD policies regarding student conduct
    (https://www.plainviewisd.org/cms/lib3/TX50000194/Centricity/Domain/50/ParentStuden tHandbook%20%20COC20192020%20for%200nline.pdf ), except in instances concerning academic integrity in WBU courses. In such cases, the WBU Student Code of Conduct will apply (https://www.wbu.edu/student-life/student- services/student handbook.htm#academichonesty ),

    Any Instructor of Record for a WBU dual credit course for PCHS who, in the course and scope of their employment, witnesses or receives information about sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence and/or stalking that involve a Plainview Collegiate High School student or an PISD employee must promptly report the incident to both WBU and PISD's Title IX Coordinator/Administrator or a Deputy Title IX Coordinator/Administrator. WBU and PCHS will coordinate to ensure that any matter involving allegations between students is adjudicated and that resources are provided in accordance with applicable law and WBU/PISD policies. With regard to allegations involving instructors or staff, the investigation and determination will be conducted by the entity who employs the Instructor of Record.

    11. Terms of Agreement 

    This agreement shall become effective on the __ day of ________ . It is to continue in force each academic year, as deemed necessary, unless either party submits written request for withdrawal or change for the next academic year. Notice to change this agreement must be served in writing, at least thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of the academic year for which the change is desired.