Frequently Asked Questions


    1. What is an Associate's Degree? 

    • An Associate's Degree is a two-year degree, meaning that for most people it takes two years of full-time college classes to earn this degree. When you have your Associate's Degree, you will
      have completed your freshman and sophomore years of college. 
    • To earn an Associate's Degree, you will need to complete 60 or more semester credit hours of study. This equals about twenty college courses. 
    • The advantage you will have, instead of attending 4-5 years to complete a baccalaureate degree it will only take you 2-3 years! 

    2. My student is in the 8th grade. Why Plainview Collegeiate High School? 

    • While all students have access to PCHS, our core mission is to give prospective first-generation and typically underrepresented students in higher education a no-cost solution to earning a two-year college degree with transfer eligibility to a four­year college/university.
    • PCHS is committed to providing an advanced academic environment, ensuring students earn a high school diploma as well as an Associate's Degree or up to 60 college credit hours.

    3. Does a student need their Parent/Guardian's permission to apply? 

    • Yes, parents are an important part of the process and need to demonstrate their support by granting permission and completing the parent section of the application.

    4. How does my student apply? 

    • Estacado and Coronado middle schoolcounselors will have PCHS applications in the middle of February 2021.
    • Students need to complete the application.
    • Completed and signed applications are due to the Education Complex (2417 Yonkers) no later than 3:30, Feb. 26th.

    5. How many hours will my student be taking? 

    • Freshman are expected to take one college course each semester at PHS.
    • Sophomores may take up to two per semester at PHS.
    • Most PCHS students may take up to 12 hours of college coursework in a semester by their junior and senior years.
    • The goal is to graduate with an Associate's degree or have accumulated up to 60 hours towards a Bachelor's degree.

    6. Who and how is it determined if my student qualifies to attend? 

    • Families will complete the application. The application will be reviewed against the criteria established by TEA for early college high schools to determine eligibility.
    • If the number of eligible students exceeds the enrollment cap of 70 students, a lottery process will be applied to determine the Class of 2025 cohort and a wait list will be established.

    7. Will the college credits my student earn transfer to any college/university? 

    • The college credits earned through PCHS will transfer to any Texas public university.
    • Students interested in other institutions of higher education should check with that institution regarding their college transfer policies.
    • The PCHS counselor will work with students to align course work with their desired transfer degree pathway.