• Pre-K Eligibility and Qualifying Factors

    1. Student must be 4 years old (but not yet 5) on or before Sept 1, 2021 (Birthdate: 9/2/2016 - 9/1/2017).
    2. Student must qualify for one of the following reasons: 
      1. Qualify for SNAP or TANF benefits or qualify for reduced lunch according to the NSLP guildlines shown below.
      2. Qualify for Limited English Proficient Program (LEP) based on Home Language Survey (filled out during enrollment) and District testing. 
      3. Qualify as a Foster Parent through CPS and documented with CPS Form 2085 or similar document (attach peperwork during enrollment).
      4. Qualify as child of military connected personnel (filled out during enrollment).
      5. Qualify as homeless (filled out during enrollment).