Benchmark 5 - Academic Rigor & Readiness

  • Bulldog Camp

    Who: Attendance is required for all incoming 9th grade students.

    When: August

    Where: PCHS


    • College campus behavior expectations.
    • Academic expectations.
    • Academic integrity
    • 4 years of college
    • The educational experience here is a different environment.
    • Understanding that growth is hard but they can do it.
    • Structures in place for student success.
    • Why is community service important?
    • Confident and competent students
    • Leadership 101


    Summer Bridge

    Who: Required for all students who have not met TSIA 2.0 college readiness standards.

    When: June

    Where: PCHS


    • Students will learn how to effectively prepare for tests.
    • Prepare an understand TSI expectations
    • The reality of meeting college ready expectations.
    • Reading is critical.



    Zeros Aren’t Permitted

    Students are placed on the tutorial list if they have not completed their weekly class assignments, are struggling with a class, or need additional time to complete their assignments. Students may request a pass from their Success Coach.

    Monday – Thursday 7:30-8:00

    Monday – Thursday 4:00-4:30

    Friday 7:30-8:45