2020-2021 Goals

  • District Improvement Goals for 2021-2022:

    Goal 1: Student Achievement - The district will increase the percentage of students who meet the grade-level standard in STAAR Reading from 39% to 41%.

    Goal 2: Communication - The district will increase the effectiveness of school-wide call-outs from 88% to 90% and SMS from 88% to 90% by monitoring call connection percentage and collecting accurate contact information.

    Goal 3: Safety - Plainview ISD will develop a Safety Audit Calendar to perform Safety Audits on 35% of the PISD facilities by May of 2022. This goal will allow for a safety audit performed at each District facility over the course of three years.

    Goal 4: College and Career Readiness - PISD will increase the number of Low Socio-Economic students reaching Concentrator status within a CTE Program of Study from 345 to 360, thereby increasing the percentage from 77% to 80%.

    Goal 5: Community/Diversity - Offer educational opportunities for school community stakeholders.

    Goal 6: Staff - Plainview ISD will host a local job fair in November. The focused audience for this job fair will be members of our local community with a bachelor's degree that are interested in teaching for Plainview ISD.

    Goal 7: Business and Finance - Plainview ISD will focus on the accuracy of coding to ensure student identification is coded accordingly to receive maximum funding for our district.