Accountability Rating and Distinctions

  • 2022 Overall Accountability System

    As part of Senate Bill (SB) 1365, all districts and campuses will receive a label of A, B, C, or Not Rated: Senate Bill 1365 for 2022. Raw and scaled scores for overall and each domain will be published. The overall design of the accountability system will remain unchanged from 2021.

    Distinction Designations

    Distinction designations will be awarded for 2022. Campus comparison groups are used to determine which campuses earn distinctive designations. Distinction designations are awarded to campuses for outstanding performance in relation to 40 other similar campuses. Each campus is assigned to a unique comparison group comprised of Texas schools that are most like it.

    A campus earns a distinction designation if it is in the top quartile (Q1) of its comparison group for at least 33 percent (for high schools and K–12 campuses) or 50 percent (for elementary and middle schools) of the indicators used to award the distinction.

    How are campus comparison groups determined?

    First, each campus is identified as an elementary, elementary/secondary, middle, or high school based on grade levels served. Campuses are grouped with 40 other campuses from anywhere in Texas that are most similar in grade levels served, size, percentage of students who are economically disadvantaged, mobility rate, percentage of emergent bilingual students/English learners, percentage of students receiving special education services, and percentage of students enrolled in an Early College High School program.

    Each campus has only one unique campus comparison group. There is no limit on the number of comparison groups to which a campus may be a member. It is possible for a campus to be a member of no comparison group other than its own or a member of several comparison groups.