Migrant Education Program

  • Purpose: 

    The Migrant Education Department of Plainview ISD provides educational opportunities which help reduce the educational disruptions and other problems that can result from repeated moves.To ensure that migrant children are provided services including support services that address their special needs in a coordinated and efficient manner, the districts migrant program addresses the following seven areas of focus:
    1. Identification and Recruitment
    2. Early Childhood Education
    3. Education Rate Enhancement / Post Secondary Transition
    4. Parental Involvement
    5. Migrant Service Coordination
    6. Secondary Credit Accrual Grades 7-12
    7. New Generation System


    An eligible migrant student is one who has crossed school district lines during the past three years so that the student, a parent or other member of the immediate family may seek employment in agricultural or fishing related activities.


    Identification and Recruitment :
    Students are eligible to participate in the district Migrant Education Program if they have moved within 36 months with their parents, a guardian, a spouse or on their own across school boundaries. The staff actively seeks to identify and recruit all eligible migratory students residing within the school district.