• Debbie Buford | Fine Arts

    Debra Flournoy-Buford, Ph.D has 26 years of music teaching experience in Grades K-College holding a Philosophy of Fine Arts Degree from 2010 with fields of study in music, theatre, and art and a Master’s degree in performance from Texas Tech with studies in composition, conducting, voice, and an emphasis in piano. Buford received an appointment from the State Board of Education in May 2011 to serve as an Expert Reviewer for committees writing revisions of the TEKS for music, theater, art, and dance. Buford has several magazine publications, has served as musical director for many Lubbock productions, and is the wife of Deputy Joel Christopher Buford and the mother of a blended family of 4 daughters, 3 sons-in-law, 3 sons, and 6 grandchildren.