Hillcrest Elementary

  • 315 SW Alpine, Plainview, Texas 79072

    Phone: 806 293-6050

    Yesenia Pardo, Principal

    School Mission Statement: Growth, Resiliency, Integrity, Team Work (GRIT)

    Vision: Inspire a passion for learning, without limits

    School Pledge: WE commit! We have GRIT!

    Total Enrollment: 415

    Pre-K 32

    K 52

    1st 64 2nd 58

    3RD 67

    4TH 74

    5TH 68

    Faculty and Staff: 50

    Student Recognition: Honors Assemblies every six weeks, Hillcrest Hero’s, End of Year Awards, Hillcrest Super Readers,

    Opportunity for Student Service: Hillcrest Community Helpers

    Support Programs: Resource, Special Education, 504, Gifted/ Talented Program, Communication classrooms, Health services, ARI, Guidance counseling, ESL

    Grading System: A minimum of 12 grades are recorded in the grade book each six week grading period for each core subject. Skyward: Parents have access from our website or by using an mobile app to view their child’s grades in each subject.

    PTA: Diane Macias: President

    Noelia Ramirez: Vice President

    Asucena Jaramillo: Secretary

    Brenda Alvidrez: Treasurer

    Parent-School Communication: School messenger, notes, newsletters, website, facebook