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  • Angelo State -Plainview Independent School District Presidential Scholars Off-Site Dual Credit Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


    The purpose of the Academic Off-Site Dual Credit Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to facilitate the cooperation between Angelo State University, a member of the Texas Tech University System, hereinafter referred to as "ASU" and Plainview Independent School District, hereinafter referred to as "PISD" in the provision of instruction of academic dual credit courses at PISD.

    Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Strategic Plan Goals addressed in this MOU are:

    1. Goal 1- 60% of Texans ages 25-34 by 2030 will have a certificate or degree;
    2. Goal 2 -At least 550,000 students in 2030 will complete a certificate, associates, bachelor's or master's from an institution of higher education in Texas;
    3. Goal 3 -All graduates from Texas public institutions of higher education will have completed programs with identified marketable skills; and
    4. Goal 4 - Undergraduate student loan debt will not exceed 60% of first-year wages for graduates of Texas public institutions.

    PISD Liaison - High School Counselor

    ASU Liaison - The Associate Director of Admissions


    Admission requirements:

    To be eligible for admission to ASU under the Off-Site Dual Credit Enrollment Program, individuals must meet the following admission requirements:

    1. Be a current high school student at
    2. Have a "B" (3.0 on a 4.0 scale or an 80 out of 100) overall high school average; or
    3. Be in the top half of class; or
    4. Recommended by the high school principal or high school The student and the school counselor must fill out the dual credit admission recommendation documentation.

    Dual credit admission process:

    1. Student will submit the dual credit admission application to
    2. PISD will submit official transcripts of high school records for each student
    3. Each student must submit a dual credit agreement form signed by the student and parent/guardian.

    Enrollment process:

    1. ASU will provide a list of students that have applied and been This list will include the student's ASU Campus ID.
    2. Admitted PISD students must pass the section of the STAAR or Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment that corresponds to the enrolled course, unless exempt, and provide TSI Assessment scores to
    3. PISD will provide a list to ASU of the students enrolled in each course using a process developed by
    4. Students must meet TSI and prerequisite requirements to enroll in courses. If prerequisites are unable to be met, the school district may provide proof of equivalent criteria met to grant permission for students to enroll.

    Academic Advising

    ASU will provide academic advising services to students enrolled in ASU dual credit courses.

    Tuition and fees:

    Each student will be charged the ASU dual credit tuition rate of $50.00 a semester credit hour.

    Record Keeping:

    1. ASU will train dual credit faculty how to enter official grades.
    2. Dual credit faculty will enter the official grades in ASU's grading system by the deadline shown on the ASU academic calendar.
    3. Dual credit faculty will participate in the assessment of courses every other year.
    4. Dual credit faculty will prioritize learning objectives for each course each semester.
    5. For online courses taught by ASU instructors, ASU will provide access to course grades to the high school administration. Meaningful grades will be available at 3, 6, 9, and 12 weeks in the semester.

    Textbooks and Course Materials:

    The process for selecting and supplying dual credit course textbooks will be determined by the school district for courses taught at the high school. Textbooks and other course materials for online courses will be selected by the ASU instructor. However, when possible ASU faculty will utilize open source textbooks for online courses. In courses where open source are not available ASU will adhere to a three (3) year book adoption policy for online dual credit Additionally, ASU will provide a one year notification of a book adoption change for online dual credit courses. School districts are not required to purchase textbooks from the ASU bookstore. Online courses may also require additionl course materials or the purchase of access codes for ebooks and online curriculum assistance systems.

    ASU will not provide students or instructors with textbooks or access codes.

    Faculty and course selection, supervision, and evaluation for face-to-face instruction: 

    1. PISD will recommend the faculty for each dual credit class offered at any PlSD High Schools. Recommendations must be submitted with transcripts showing all graduate-level coursework taken
    2. All approved instructors must submit all undergraduate and graduate official transcripts to ASU to be held in their faculty record prior to courses being taught.
    3. Dual credit instructors must upload a curriculum vita (CV) and course syllabus to a designated location by the deadline provided by ASU.
    4. Eligible faculty must have completed a master's degree and eighteen hours of graduate-level credit in the field for which they will be teaching. ASU will have final approval of dual credit faculty.
    5. PISD will review ASU course descriptions and learning outcomes and determine how ASU courses align with high school courses. PISD will publish a course crosswalk available to their students, which includes the high school course title, ASU course title, and college credit hours awarded.
    6. ASU will have final approval of courses.
    7. ASU will designate personnel to supervise and evaluate the instructors of the dual credit course(s) using the same or comparable procedures used for faculty on the ASU campus.
    8. Dual credit instructors will be responsible for providing instruction for the minimum contact hours required for the dual credit course(s) (e.g. a 3 semester-hour course requires a minimum of 48 contact hours).
    9. Dual credit instructors will adhere to student learning assessment requirements for their courses and report assessment data according to ASU core assessment requirements.
    10. Dual credit instructors will provide students with a syllabus conforming to ASU guidelines.

    Location and compostion of dual credit classes:

    1. PISD will provide classroom space for courses delivered at all PISD High Schools.
    2. Dual credit courses at all PISD High Schools are composed of dual credit students only.
    3. When an individual high school reaches the point where thirty semester credit hours of different courses are made available to their students, ASU is required to notify the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) three months in advance of courses being offered. Once a high school reaches sixty semester credit hours, ASU is required to submit a prospectus for delivery of more than fifty percent of credit toward a degree twelve months in advance of courses being offered. Following SACSCOC approval, PISD will be considered an ASU "off-site location". PISD is then subject to SACSCOC visits.
    4. PISD must provide ASU with an electronic copy of their campus emergency plan.
    5. PISD may elect to have ASU deliver a course via web based delivery. ASU will provide meaningful 3 weeks, 6 weeks, and 9 weeks grade reports for students enrolled in online/web based courses.

    Academic policies and student support services:

    1. Regular academic policies and procedures applicable to regular college courses will also apply to dual credit courses.
    2. ASU is responsible for ensuring timely and efficient access to such services and learning materials (e.g., library resources) for which students may be eligible.

    Length of the course:

    1. Each dual credit course offered at PISD will follow the ASU academic calendar.
    2. Face-to-face year-long courses can be offered at the request of the ISO. These courses will begin on the first day of the ASU Fall semester and end on the last day of the ASU Spring semester.

    Changes in student status throughout semester:

    1. PISD will notify ASU of any drops and/or changes in a dual credit student status within one
      week of the change and by the published deadlines.
    2. ASU will process the change and update the student's ASU records within one week of receipt of change.
    3. ASU is the official custodian of the student's dual credit record.
    4. The census day class roster is the official document of students enrolled in dual credit course(s).
    5. Students not listed on the ASU census day roster will not be eligible to receive a grade in the
      dual credit course(s).

    Granting college and high school credit: 

    1. In order to have a grade assigned, students must be enrolled at the beginning of the class and must be on the census day class roster as approved by the dual credit instructor.
    2. Dual credit students will be subject to the same academic standing operating policies as all other ASU students. Students placed on suspension will not be allowed to enroll the semester
      following their suspension. Students performing poorly in dual credit course(s) will be
      counseled by the dual credit instructor and may be dropped from the college-level course prior to the ASU drop deadline.
    3. Dual credit instructors will assign grades by the deadline set by the ASU Registrar.
    4. All ASU dual credit courses and grades earned will be placed on the ASU transcript.
    5. Students will follow ASU's academic standing policy regarding academic probation and
      suspension. Courses taken through the ASU dual credit program will calculate into the ASU
      institutional GPA.

    Reimbursement for face-to-face instruction:

    1. ASU will reimburse PISD five hundred dollars ($500) per course/section with five (S) students or more.
    2. The reimbursement will be based on the official enrollment count on the ASU census 20th class day roster.
    3. Instructors teaching year-long courses will only be paid for instruction of one course. The course will not be counted twice as a fall and spring course. Year-long courses will show on the fall
      enrollment for payment to the ISD.
    4. Seventy-five percent (75%) of the reimbursement will go to the dual credit instructor and
      twenty-five percent (25%) will go to PISD.
    5. ASU will provide PISD with the official enrollment roster each semester.
    6. PISD will send an itemized invoice based on the reimbursement rate and the dual credit
      enrollment to Angelo State University, Accounts Payable, ASU Station #11034, San Angelo, TX 76909 or ASU shall make payment within thirty (30) days of the invoice being received.

    Assured Admission Policy: 

    PISD students who apply to ASU as college freshmen will be granted assured admission to ASU if the student has completed at least six (6) semester credit hours of ASU dual credit t with a 3.0 GPA or higher. Students must still submit all required application materials including an application for admission, application fee or qualifying waiver, ACT or SAT scores, and an official high school transcript.

    Presentations and ASU campus visits: 

    PISD will allow ASU the opportunity to have a minimum of three classroom presentations to all dual credit students throughout the year. The Office of Admissions/Admissions Counselor will work with the high school counselor(s) in determining timing, presentation topics, guest presenters, and campus location of each of these presentations. 

    Teachers Seeking Dual Credit Discipline Credentials: 

    ASU encourages PISD to increase dual credit credentialed teachers by allowing teachers to pursue the necessary degree and courses to serve as a dual credit instructor. ASU offers several online master's degree programs including the Master of Arts in Professional Education, which includes 18 hours of graduate-level education courses and 18 hours of graduate-level courses in a teaching discipline. If a PISD teacher enrolls in an ASU graduate program leading to their credentials to teach an ASU dual credit course, ASU guarantees teachers will receive the Blue and Gold level Carr Academic Graduate Scholarship of up to $1,500 per year regardless of their undergraduate GPA. The scholarship is awarded based on enrolled in 9 or more semester credit hours each term and can be pro-rated for fewer hours. Graduate students may qualify for a higher level scholarship if their overall undergraduate GPA meets the Carr Academic Graduate Scholarship requirements available on the ASU website. 

    Provisions for MOU Implementation, Maintenance, and Revision: 

    Persons will be designated at ASU and PISD to oversee the implementation of this MOU and to review the MOU annually. 

    Effective Date: 

    This MOU becomes effective upon the date of the last approving signature and will remain in effect for one year. Thereafter, this MOU shall automatically renew on an annual basis for up to four years unless thirty (30) days written notice of intent to terminate the MOU is given by either party. 


    Either party may terminate this MOU at any time, with or without cause, by giving the other party thirty (30) days written notice of its intent to terminate the MOU. However, students assigned at PISD when termination of notice is given shall be permitted to complete their current courses at either ASU or PISD's option.


    Official notices shall be mailed to: Office of the President
    Angelo State University
    ASU Station #11007
    San Angelo, TX 76909 


    Office of the Superintendent
    Plainview Independent School District
    2417 Yonkers St.
    Plainview, TX 79072


    This agreement shall be governed and enforced in accordance with laws of the State of Texas. Venue will be located in Tom Green County, Texas with dual credit courses taking place in Hale County. 

    Independent Contractor Status: 

    Notheng in this agreement is intended nor shall be construed to create an employer/employee retationship between contracting parties. The sole interest and responsibility of the parties is to ensure that the services covered by this agreement shall be performed and rendered in a competent, efficient, and satisfactory manner.