Required Fingerprinting

Dear Prospective Substitute, 

Senate Bill 9 was passed by the Texas Legislatoure in 2007. The law requires fingerprint-based criminal background reviews for certain school employees. The legislation was enacted to ensure the safety of all children, teachers, and staff in Texas Public Schools.  

State Law now requires ALL SUBSTITUTES to be fingerprinted in order to substitute in any Texas Public School. Substitutes who hold a certificate issued by the State Board of Educator Certification of the Texas Education Agency will be required to submit fingerprints in order to keep their state issued certification "ACTIVE"  status.

The fee for fingerprinting is $47.45 which will be your responsibility.  (PISD will not provide reimbursement).

Submission of fingerprints is ultimately your choice. If you do not wish to comply with the fingerprinting requirement mandated by SB9, please do not apply as we cannot employ anyone without proof that a fingerprint-based criminal background review has been completed. We always need reliable people to help us serve our students.

Note: A monthly report is completed to make sure which substitutes are actively taking on jobs on a monthly basis. A substitute will be deactivated if he/she does not take at least 2 assignments per month. The substitute will NOT be reactivated until the following year upon substitute request.